What if I am new to yoga?

Our classes are open to everyone. They are suitable for beginners and advanced practitioners. Your level of experience does not matter. Join any class and have fun!

Why is the room heated?

The heat warms up your body nicely so that you can stretch safely. It allows for muscle relaxation and blood circulation. The heat will also allow you to sweat and flush out toxins from the body.

What do I need for class?

Please bring a yoga mat, a yoga towel and a bottle of water for your yoga class. If you do not have these we rent and sell them at the studio. Bring a shower towel as well if you would like to shower after class. We have beautiful changing room facilities.

Should I eat before class?

Please avoid eating directly before class. Have something to eat at least two hours before class starts. Ideally something light and nutritious. Try to drink at least two litres of water throughout the day prior to your class so that you are hydrated.

What should I wear?

As most of our classes are heated, women tend to wear sports bras or tank tops with shorts or leggings and men tend to wear shorts. Avoid loose fitting clothes. Dress as is most comfortable to you!

Do I have to book a class in advance?

Yes, please. You can book via our website or directly via our App which you can download for free. The app is called ‘House of Hot Yoga’.

What happens if I arrive late? What is your policy?

Class starts on time. We do not admit latecomers so as not to disrupt the class.

What time does the studio open and close?

The studio opens 30 minutes before class and closes 30 minutes after class ends.

What is your cancellation policy?

Our cancellation window is 3 hours.

Monthly Membership Cancellation Policy

By purchasing this contract you agree to be charged £109 at the same time each month until such time as you decide to terminate the membership by writing to There is no minimum term to this membership, so you can cancel it at any time. 30 days’ notice from your contract payment date is needed to cancel your membership. This membership cannot be cancelled or paused within the first month. Membership can be paused a maximum of two times a year based on your membership start date, with a maximum pause of one month at a time. With this membership you are eligible to book unlimited yoga classes depending on class availability.